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H1: First win in the 09/10 season by the Gators PDF Udskriv E-mail
23. September 2009
Tilføjet af Jørgen Wissing
UPDATED: now with picture-link!

First of all – since we have to speak English on the team this season because of our foreign players, Chris and Fabio, this will be in, surprise, English (no complaints about the spelling allowed!) For that reason and because my memory can only contain around 2 and a half sets, this summery will be a bit short. So im sorry if you played well in the first two sets, but thats just how it is…

The 1/8-final in the Cup was against PVC, who we also played last season resulting in two won matches. That fact besides that PVCs average age was more or less 10 years older than the Gators made them the underdogs in the match.

First set started out as planed and we quickly gained an 8-point lead without playing our best volleyball. But in the middle of the set we lost 5-6 points in a row in one formation and let PVC in the set again. After a timeout we managed to take the set 25-19, but should have been won with a bigger margin.

In the next two sets we played pretty bad – we had big trouble receiving their long floatserves giving too much work to our setters and we made way too many errors in our attack. And on top of that our block wasn’t stable at all, which PVCs outside hitter benefitted a lot from despite the fact that he barely hit the ball over the net, just sad. More details I don’t remember or maybe they are just happily repressed – but from the scorecard it shows that we lost 20-25 and 22-25.

Despite down 2 sets to 1 we continued to believe that we had a much higher level and could turn the game around. And in 4th set we proved that. With a lot of good serves – especially from our newly appointed captain The Hoffman and “forever young” Theis – and a lot of digging, fighting and blocking we took the set 25-12.

Last season it kinda became a little KSV speciality to come from behind (no its not sexual, Tøff!) and win the close sets. This one would not be an exception!

As in most of the sets today, we quickly got a lead but only changed sides ahead 8-6. From there on it seemed that we got a little nervous, PVC won a couple of marathon-rallies and suddenly the score was 12-14 with 2 matchpoints to PVC. But, but, but - the 6-headed KSV monster bit back! Tøffner with wise floatserves and good timing between Laust and David turned an imminent defeat to sweet victory – 16-14!

Great to start the season with a win. We didn’t play our best game, but as we all know, we are going to top at the playoffs so no worries!

Now all focus can turn to the clubparty on Friday – sorry, of course I mean the league-game Saturday, Karim!

/ Wissing

Pictures: http://picasaweb.google.com/mikkelo/PokalkampKSVVsPVC#

Sidst opdateret 26. September 2009