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Matchreport D1 KSV vs. VLI PDF Udskriv E-mail
12. Oktober 2012
Skrevet af Sophie

The beginning of the D1’s first away game of the season at VLI was not in favor of the guest team. In the first set the team was unable to play their game. Instability in receiving and too many mistakes in attacking were the main issues. The first set ended with 25:12 for the home team. The second set started off in the same fashion as the first set; KSV was soon behind with 0:5. After a time-out the team got its game together and scored 4 points in a row. Overall, the performance was better than in the first set but still not enough to beat VLI. KSV lost the second set 17:25. The players knew that they could do better and eventually they did so in the following sets. With a better performance in receiving, blocking and attacking KSV won sets 3 and 4 (25:21 and 25:17). In the 5th set VLI was more efficient in scoring the important points than KSV and so the set and thus the match ended in favor of the home team. 

Sidst opdateret 12. Oktober 2012